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Brailon 8.5×11″ Thermoform Paper

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Brailon® is a plastic-like paper developed specifically for use with Thermoform machines. It has a slightly matte surface, is non-toxic, moisture-proof, and classroom safe. Two formats of Brailon® are available –Regular and Heavy.

Regular Brailon comes in a box of 500 sheets and is primarily used to copy Braille text and basic tactile graphics.

Heavy Brailon comes in a box of 100 sheets and is used for copying of Braille diagrams and text, or where extra durability is required.

Brailon® is the most efficient, realistic and highest quality way to re-create graphics and tactile documents. Not only is it reliable and durable, but also it is an inexpensive way to create exact duplicates and diagrams. It has been the industry standard for 50 years. Please note that the use of non-Brailon® materials with Thermoform machines may be hazardous and dangerous.

ATC Safe To Clean

Brailon® is Safe To Clean With Many Household Cleaners

Brailon® is a plastic-like material that can be cleaned with many non-bleach cleaners such as Lysol disinfectant spray or wipes, Windex, 409 (no bleach formula), etc.

Do not use any cleaners that contain bleaches, acids or coarse materials like Comet, as these will damage your Brailon® sheets. If you are not certain test on a small portion of your Brailon® sheet first, or call us and we would be happy to test for you.


  • Weight 11 lbs
  • Dimensions 13 x 12 x 3 in
  • Sheet Count:

    100 Sheets Heavy, 500 Sheets Regular

  • Hole Count:

    19 Hole, 3 Hole, Plain – No Holes

  • Shipping:

    Free Matter Shipping, UPS Shipping

Free Matter Shipping

Braill Paper Free Matter Shipping

According to E040 of the United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual: The ‘matter’ purchased must be for the use for writing by, or designed or adapted for use of a blind person, or other handicapped person.  Publication 347 from the United States Postal Service also outlines the qualifications required for those to be eligible to receive Free Matter shipments.  By instructing American Theroform to ship your goods via Free Matter, you are certifying that you have read these documents, that you comply with these restrictions and are therefore eligible for Free Matter shipping. 

Braille Paper, Brailon, Braille Labeling and Swell Touch are the only American Thermoform products that can be shipped Free Matter For The Blind for those entitled, using the U.S. Postal Service. The shipping times using this method vary depending on your geographical location. If faster delivery is required, we can ship using commercial shipping services, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL (UPS rates are available on our website, however please contact us should you wish to use a different carrier).  For large orders, please contact us about palletizing, Air Freight and/or Sea Freight options.

Please Note:  All goods are shipped F.O.B. La Verne, CA., U.S.A. Therefore, once these materials leave ATC’s facility, they are the customers’ property, and ATC must be compensated for the items shipped, regardless of the condition in which they are received. While Free Matter Shipping issues rarely arise, ATC is not held liable for items damaged or lost in transit.  While we will help in every way possible, problems or issues relating to Free Matter Shipping will likely need to be handled directly with the U.S. Post Office. 

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