Braillo 600 SR Braille Embosser

Pricing: $79,500
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The Braillo 600 SR braille embosser meant for large volume Braille production. This Braille embosser is unique, as it uses paper rolls instead of continuous tractor feed paper. Using paper rolls helps to save money on paper expenses and also eliminates the need for a burster and its operator.

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The Braillo 600 SR Braille embosser is meant for large volume Braille production. This Braille embosser is unique, as it uses paper rolls instead of continuous (tractor/Z fold) paper. Using paper rolls helps to save money on paper expenses and also eliminates the need for a burster and its operator. Each roll yields roughly 15,000 Braille sheets (30,000 interpoint pages) – simply stated, the user can run at full production 1 roll/day without having to load paper into the embosser.  After text is brailled, a built-in paper cutter cuts the paper and releases it to the stacker. When the stacker is full (it holds 1000 sheets), a sensor stops the machine so the cut and stacked Braille documents can be removed.

The Braillo 600SR has been designed and built for high production volumes that customers demand.  This embosser prints at 1,800 pages-per-hour and is therefore built and designed with robust components necessary to handle the increased Braille production operating requirements. This extremely heavy-duty construction allows for continuous Braille production while maintaining optimal Braille quality. As your Braille production needs increase, Braillo has a production Braille embosser that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Prints both 6 and 8 dot Braille
  • Interpoint / Single-side
  • 600 characters per second (1800 pages per hour)
  • Superior quality Braille
  • Perfect for those with large production demands
  • Uses Braille paper rolls
  • Duxbury Braille Translator included free
  • Works with PC and Apple operating systems

Please note that we have developed Braille paper specifically for these machines. Learn more about our Braille paper.


braillo-warranty-icon-175For all Braillo models, the Standard Warranty covers every component from the date of delivery throughout the first three years, or up to 8,000 hours – whichever comes first.  To put this into perspective, this equates to 7.2 – 15.6 million printed Braille pages (Braillo 300 – Braillo 650, respectively).

In addition to the 3 year Standard Warranty, the longest in the industry, Braillo offers Tailored Warranty Extensions and Maintenance Contracts to suit your needs.  Braillo embossers are known for excellent Braille quality and reliability – our warranty options and maintenance contracts ensure these qualities continue.


Tailored Warranty Extensions

We offer a flexible Extended Braille Printer Warranty program, so when our standard 3 year warranty has expired, you can replace it with a customized warranty parts program.  Please contact us so we can create the warranty plan that works best for you.


Braillo Maintenance Contracts

For additional peace of mind knowing that your Braille embosser is being properly maintained on-site by Braillo certified technicians, we offer Maintenance Contracts based on the number of service intervals and the number of embossers to be serviced. Contact us, and we will create a plan that suits your needs.


Braillo Braille Printer Support:

Braillo offers support via telephone, email, YouTube videos and on-site repair by either Braillo staff, or our network of factory-trained technicians world-wide. Braillo offers training sessions across the world throughout the year, in addition to Braille workshops.  We understand the investment in a Braille printer is a significant one, this is whey it is Braillo’s highest priority to ensure you are continuously supported and your equipment is up and running properly at all times.

Tech Specs

Characters per line: 27-42
Sheet Length: 4-14”
Sheet Width: 8.25-13”
Noise level: 70dB

Communication with the computer:

  • Works with PC and Apple operating systems
  • USB, Ethernet


  • Voltage: Single phase 220V (+/- 10%), 50 Hz
  • Current: Approx. 7A max
  • Power: Approx. 1500W max


  • Height: 56”
  • Width: 41”
  • Length: 141”
  • Weight: 662 pounds



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