Braillo 300 S2 Braille Printer

Braillo 300 S2 Braille Embosser

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Product Description

The Braillo 300 S2 has the reputation of being the most reliable production braille embosser available.  Braillo has been able to improve upon it even further by taking advantage of emerging technologies in both design and materials.  When compared to the extremely high speed Braillo 600/650 series embossers, the reduced operating speed of 300 CPS allowed for the introduction of lighter weight materials, components and assemblies, all of which met, or exceeded current specifications.  These advancements in technology allowed for production of the new 300 S2 at a more affordable price point, while maintaining the quality, durability and longevity that characterize all Braillo embossers.  Additionally, Braillo has been able to reduce the weight of the embosser and re-design the case so that the user (one person) can easily do basic cleaning and routine maintenance.

Like all Braillo embossers, the 300 S2 is specifically built for reliable, high speed braille production.

The Braillo 300 S2 braille embosser is a reliable and dependable embosser for medium to heavy braille production.  Embossing at 300 CPS (900 pages per hour) using continuous (tractor/Z fold/fanfold) braille paper, it offers exceptional dot quality and consistency.  Its combination of speed, reliability, durability and quietness are the reasons why it is used across the world by most of the largest braille production facilities.

Feature Highlights:

  • Only embossers to meet all Braille Authority dot height standards
  • Prints both 6 and 8 dot braille
  • Interpoint / Single-side
  • 300 CPS (900 pages per hour)
  • Superior braille quality and reliability
  • Used for decades by respected industry leaders
  • Extensive reference list
  • Duxbury Braille Translator included free
  • Easy to setup & easy to service
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connections
  • Works with PC and Apple operating systems
  • Available as a tabletop embosser, on casters for easy moving or with the optional Braillo Stand

Uses continuous braille paper in a variety of sizes. Please note that we have developed braille paper specifically for these machines.


Braillo Embossers Leading Warranty

Braillo Stands Behind Their Braille Embossers

In addition to Braillo’s standard warranty, the most comprehensive in the industry, Braillo offers warranty extensions and maintenance contracts to suit your needs.  Braillo embossers are recognized for their unsurpassed braille quality and reliability – the extended warranty and maintenance contract options ensure these qualities continue.

Braillo covers the first 3 years
For all Braillo models, the standard warranty covers any defective mechanical and electrical component from the date of delivery throughout the first three years, or up to 8,000 hours – whichever comes first.  This amounts to up to 15.6 million braille pages By the time most embossers have become obsolete or stopped working, Braillo embossers are still under warranty!

Braillo adds an additional 1 year for using Braillo/American Thermoform braille paper
Braillo will offer an additional 1 year to the standard warranty by using Braillo/American Thermoform braille paper with your embosser.  The use of poor quality braille paper often causes excessive wear and tear on an embosser, which causes parts to fail prematurely.  Using our specially formulated braille paper will help ensure these risks are minimized.

This brings the total warranty to 4 years, or up to 10,700 hours.  This amounts to up to 20.8 million braille pages.

This is the industry’s most comprehensive and rich warranty, and shows that Braillo stands behind their braille embossers – no matter what.

A leading warranty means being transparent about what is covered. Read the details of our comprehensive warranty here.

Optional 2 Year Warranty Extension

We offer an optional 2 year extended warranty, so when our comprehensive 4 year warranty has expired, you can add an extended parts warranty for further piece of mind.

The price breakdown for the extended warranties are as follows:

300: $3,000
450: $3,500
600: $4,000
600 SR: $7,500
650 SW: $8,500
650 SF: $9,500

Please contact us so we can create the warranty plan that works best for you.

Braillo Maintenance Contracts

For additional peace of mind knowing that your braille embosser is being properly maintained on-site by American Thermoform / Braillo certified technicians, we offer maintenance contracts based on the number of service intervals and the number of embossers to be serviced. Contact us, and we will create a plan that suits your needs.

Braillo Braille Printer Support:

American Thermoform and Braillo offer support via telephone, email, YouTube videos and on-site repair by either American Thermoform / Braillo staff, or our network of factory-trained technicians world-wide. We offer training sessions across the world throughout the year, in addition to Braille workshops.  We understand the investment in a Braille printer is a significant one, this is why it is our highest priority to ensure you are continuously supported and your equipment is up and running properly at all times.

*The standard Braillo warranty, the extended warranty and maintenance contract options are offered from a company you can count on – Braillo and American Thermoform stand behind our embossers and our distributors.  Please contact us to arrange the warranty and/or maintenance plan that best suits your requirements.*

Tech Specs

Braille Printer Performance:

  • Characters per line: 10-42
  • Sheet Length: 4-14”
/ 10.16-35.56 cm
  • Sheet Width: 5.5-13” / 13.97-33.02 cm
  • Single / Interpoint
  • Noise level: 69dBA

Communication with the computer:

  • Works with PC and Apple operating systems
  • Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet


  • Voltage: Single phase 230V (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz
  • Current: Approx. 4A max
  • Power: Approx. 1000W max

Braille Printer Measurements:

  • Height: 25” 
  • Width: 27”
  • Length: 37”
  • Weight: 270 pounds


Braillo 300 S2 Product Brochure

Braillo 300 S2 Braille Printer Product Brochure

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Braillo Braille Printers ManualBraillo 300 S2 Braille Printer Manual

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