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Wide variety of Swell Touch Paper for Thermoform machines

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    The Swell Form Graphics Machine (often referred to as a fuser) is a simple, fast and low cost method of creating stunning tactile maps, diagrams, text and graphics. This machine has revolutionized the process of creating tactile images for the visually impaired.

    This Starter Pack includes the Swell Form Graphics Machine, a box of both 8.5×11″ and 11×11.5″  Swell Touch Paper and one Swell Marker


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  • The Swell Touch marker has been specially designed for use with our Swell-Touch paper.  Simply use this marker to draw directly onto Swell Touch Paper and then run it though the Swell Form Graphics Machine to create your own quick, detailed tactile graphics.  The Swell Markers come in a two-pack, with one marker having a thin tip, and the other having a thick tip.  

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  • We offer a full range of Swell Touch Paper which is the finest ‘swell’ paper available and is utilized for Tactile Graphics machines manufactured by Zychem, PIAF, and Reprotronics. Each box contains 100 Sheets.

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Showing all 3 results